Homeless Street Angels

Helping the Homeless Through COVID-19

Where do you isolate from a global pandemic when you are homeless?

Everyone is struggling at the moment with coronavirus, we are all being told to stay home and stay safe, but what do you do when your home is the cold, wet pavements!

With social distancing, self-isolating and lockdown restrictions, it has been very difficult to get physically out on the streets and do our regular outreach. We have been having lots of online meetings and getting regular updates and thankfully lots of regular genuine street homeless guys have been given temporary accommodation. We have also kept regular contact with our guys who we have rehoused over the years to help and support them however they need.

We have been dropping food parcels off almost daily now to our rehoused homeless. We have also had lots of requests for help from high-risk families who are having to self-isolate and struggling with money for food. As a group we have been trying to help everyone we can by shopping for the elderly and the vulnerable who can’t get out and also dropping toys off to the families we know have children to spread a little happiness in such worrying times.

We have been trying to help as many people as we can! As we have quite a good stock of hygiene products and toiletries which had been impossible to get in shops due to panic buying! We emptied our lock ups and donated them to all the amazing staff of the NHS who needed them the most! We also made up extra food parcels for the nurses who on the long shifts are struggling to get snacks and food to keep them going.

This is such a worrying time for everyone but with love and kindness we are sure we can all get through it!

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